Breathe Easy - 12 Secrets to Allergy-Proofing

~ By Andy Wichary

If you or a loved one suffers with allergies, you know how debilitating it can be and probably have a number of questions you need answered, and options you wished you had known about. This comprehensive guide gives you choices to help you "Breathe Easy!" 

While your medical practitioner is your best guide in terms of diagnosing and helping you treat this condition; this book acts as a complete reference manual which covers everything from allergies to allergens including all the latest developments in allergy-control techniques, tips and technology and how to allergy proof your home.

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Book Preview

  • Chapter 1

    Introduction to allergies. This chapter covers the most common allergies and allergens, dust mites, smoke, animal and insect allergies, indoor mold and strong odors.

  • Chapter 2

    12 secrets to allergy-proofing. Learn all about air filters, purifiers, heating systems, bedding and linen care, flooring and cleaning options. Bonus: Tips to declutter.

  • Chapter 3

    FAQ. All your questions answered including when to seek medical care, how doctors treat allergies, childhood and inherited allergies, plus answers about medications and antihistamines.

  • Chapter 4

    Conclusion. The impact allergies can have on lifestyle. Know your options and that you are not alone. Also find a Glossary of terms, useful links and areas to reference.


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  • If you or a loved one suffers with allergies, these 34-pages gives you options to help you "Breathe Easy!"
  • Allergy-control techniques, tips and technology and how to allergy proof your home - all covered.
  • Read or listen on your computer or mobile devices.
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  • I am so glad I found this book! I have suffered from many allergies including hay fever, pollen and dust, and this book gave me solutions I had not thought about to help me get my home cleaned up. These simple suggestions really turned things around for me.

  • I am thankful to actually read what worked from someone who suffered from allergies. Once I learned what I needed to do to get my home into a safer cleaner place, I was able to breathe easier impacting both my indoor and my outdoor activities.

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This book is for anyone who seriously wants to gain control over their allergies. You will be amazed at the solutions presented in this book.

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