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So… What’s My Story You Ask? Why Did I Create This Website?

Why Am I Sharing It with You?

If you are reading this or have had the good fortune to land on my home page at http://www.allergyaircare.com you or a family member, loved one, friend or colleague suffers from debilitating allergies, we are here to HELP!

As a little fella growing up, I loved the outdoors and still do. What I didn’t love however, was the pollen and grass allergies that plagued me each and every day that got so bad that I couldn’t even see sometimes! I sneezed and wheezed …I always had a sore red nose because I had to blow it all of the time and… Ran short of breath so running (away from the girls at that time!), riding my bike playing sports were not only not very much fun… but most of the time I couldn’t even do these things and if so… not very well.

I was always picked last for the team; seldom invited for outings and frankly not invited to be part of even my friends’ activity because their parents cringed every time I would use all of their Kleenex’s!

As I got older and into my late teens and early 20’s, things just got worse. I tried helping a friend on his turkey farm and then IT HIT ME … I was also highly allergic to dust of all kinds and had to wear a respirator to function! No wonder that even when I moved inside the house… the allergies continued although with less intensity than outdoors!

The doctors all told me that I had severe allergies… not asthma and that drugs were available that could control them! No way ….. Drugs were not for me!

This is when I began to learn all about allergies and how to control them … I wanted to be like everyone else … to go through a day without sneezing, shortness of breath and sleep well and not wonder if I would stop breathing during the night!

During my late 20’s I noticed that when indoors, my allergies were reduced… Why was this? Then it hit me like a brick on the head…..the house was not only clean, but had no carpets … only solid wood floors and tile; the pets no longer stayed in the house and we had great ventilation! No more sneezing, wheezing and shortness of breath…. I was starting to breathe easier!

It All Begins Early In Early And Inside Your Home!

Over the years since then, I have used my investigative techniques and all of the College education that I spent a fortune on, to fine-tune the natural and technological ways to make my life better and breathe easier!

I learned about the nasty little critters called dust mites ……ever seen one? and how they can affect my quality of lifestyle.

I learned to make natural and green choices when purchasing flooring options and staying with chemical-free cleaners and organic personal hygiene items.

I learned that incidences of infant & early-childhood asthma were rising exponentially as was asthma in teens and young adults! I could not remember a single person that I went to school with right into high-school that had asthma or had one of those “Puffers” that everyone seems to be carrying these days!

I protected my children by taking steps to ensure they never needed a “puffer” or had to use drugs to control allergies; that they could play team sports…heck even become the CAPTAIN of their teams! (this happened by the way….. captain of the school field-hockey team!)

Have you ever noticed that when the kids finally go to school …everyone in the house seems to get all of the cold, flu’s and intestinal nightmares that are “going around?

I researched and initiated installation of a high-quality air purifier in my bedroom and later in a whole–house system that keeps not only pollen, dust & dander at undetectable levels but also chemical fumes from building materials, packaging materials, cleaners, paints, flooring and paper glues from affecting us as well as bacteria and viruses from spreading!

I noticed that in a couple of years, something amazing happened to me… I could not only have a great indoor life… but going outdoors was beginning to become more and more enjoyable where today…. I live full and complete indoor & outdoor life-style!!

I think I am becoming de-sensitized to allergens over-all!

Life Is Great!

So Far I Had to Help Myself and My Family …Now What?

I’m Good Right?

I thought so until I happened to attend a seminar put on by a wonderful friend who told about a quote by Sir Winston Churchill that goes like this “We make a living by what we get…… but we make a life by what we give!”

I knew now that I had to share my good fortune with others hence this informational website…. I sell nothing here…I even share my “Breathe Easy! 12 Secrets of Allergy-Proofing” book at no cost!

Simply register your name and email address with us today and I will send you this incredible book free of charge! This book was expensive to make and took even longer to write but ….. I know that you will enjoy it, learn from it and tell your extended family friends about it! It’s free for them too!

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If you are living pretty good today… make the choices that will help you to “Breathe Easier” and begin Living Even Better!

Yours sincerely with a breath of fresh air,

Andy Wichary