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If you or a family member suffers with allergies, getting relief is of utmost importance.  There are many amazing products available today that I highly recommend so your home can be a safe, allergy-free zone.  In my book, I shared my 12 secrets to allergy-proofing, now I would like to introduce you to the products that can change your life.


HealthPro Plus: #1 Rated air purifierHealth Pro Plus

IQAir’s best selling room air purifier. It combines four advanced filtration technologies to effectively remove a large variety of particulate and molecular air pollutants. Up to 100X more filtration than ordinary HEPA and is proven to stop the smallest, most harmful particles in the air, all the way down to 0.003 microns.

25% More Clean Air
32% Quieter
38% Longer Filter Life
10-Year Warranty

Why I recommend this product:  If you are going to purify your air, you want a powerful machine with proven performance against ultra-fine particles. You want a unit that has all the features and benefits of the HealthPro Plus. Read all the specifications. Learn more here.

Merino-Wool-Mattress-Topper-OMPOrganic Merino Wool Mattress Pad

Organic Merino wool mattress pads provide a soft, breathable foundation for sound sleep. Wool is absorbent, breathable and naturally resistant to mites, mold and bacteria, offering relief from night sweats or temperature changes.

Our Merino wool mattress pads are filled with our exclusive USDA certified organic Merino wool and covered with 300 thread count certified organic cotton jacquard. Free of all toxic chemicals. It does not get any more natural than that!

Why I recommend this product:  Allergies and sleep are strongly related, so finding a really good mattress pad will provide benefits you may not have considered. Learn more about Mattress Pads here.


Dyson Ball Allergy Upright Vacuum Cleanerdyson

With three additional home cleaning tools designed to remove allergens with ease, the Dyson Ball Allergy Upright Vacuum Cleaner (208606-01) offers 248AW of suction power to ensure that nothing is left behind. This health-conscious vacuum utilizes Radial Root Cyclone™ technology to capture more microscopic dust than any other cyclone.

The 208606-01’s excels at treating your space of allergens; use the mattress tool to remove dirt and allergens from your mattress and upholstery. Make the most use out of the Reach-under tool to remove built up dust and dirt from hard-to-reach places in your home.

Why I recommend this product: Cleaning your home starts with a vacuum that can handle the dust and allergens very effectively. Dyson is well known for it’s design and durability and this unit is perfect to deep clean. Learn more here.